Won't boot without Firewire attached

I have a different problem with Firewire drives than I’ve seen posted here before. All my Firewire drives work just fine - too fine in fact. I can’t boot without all of them being attached. Without them attached Suse just boots into a command prompt in maitenance mode. With ALL of them attached Suse boots just fine. I have tried shutting down normally with dirves attached and shutting down normally with drives disconnected (both unmounting before shut down and just discounting when machine powered off). Nothing changes. I need to be able to boot without the drives attached - any sugestions?

I am using Suse 11.1 64 bit wiht KDE 3.5 on a 4 core Athlon. All system files are on internal hard drives - external drives just for data storage (no external USB drives).

Do you have any entries in the /etc/fstab for the firewire drives?

Most likely - should I remove them? I was told to have fstab entries but may have misunderstood.

If you want them mounted at boot you need fstab entries. If not then no entries. But show us your fstab file it may also depned on where you are mounting these in the FS.

I deleted the entries from fstab and evrything works now - at least it seems to. I found a couple errors in fstab in the process and am a bit surprised the file was being read at all (things like dangling string entries assigned to no drive). I guess thats part of what I get for using YAST and not doing a sanity check.