Won't boot - /dev/sda5 not found

I was installed some Python libraries & when I rebooted, the computer hangs on boot.

SATA link down (SStatus 0 SControl 300)
unable to open ‘/lib/udev/rules.d’
/dev/sda5 not found (ignoring)

When installing the libraries, it asked me for my Suse disk & I put in my 11.0 disk (I have 11.1 & forgot I upgraded).

I am currently burning an iso DVD of 11.1 & a LiveCD.

  1. I need my data off the hard drive – is there any way to get it? I haven’t been backing up (yes, stupid; lesson learned).
  2. How can I fix this? I built this computer for scientific research & am still learning… so, I might need detailed instructions.

Thank you – I have a major conference in a week that I am presenting at & most all of my data is on this computer. So, help would be much appreciated.

As far as getting the data off of the disk, you can try booting up with a rescue cd. Mount the partition that you have your data stored on to a place like mount. After that, use tar or rsync to get the data you need onto an external hard drive or usb.

As far as fixing the problem, I don’t know how you installed the OS in the first place, but if you data is on its own partition, you may want to consider just reinstalling the OS. This way, you’ll be able to access your data without having to back up to an external drive.

If the installation is wrecked, you can get the data off with a live CD like the one you’re burning, or better yet Knoppix.

But first I’d try restoring access to openSUSE 11.1 by repairing the boot process. Try booting off the openSUSE 11.1 install DVD and selecting “Repair Installed System”. On the page titled “Repair Method”, select “Expert Tools”. Then click option “Install New Boot Loader”. Select the partition where you installed Suse (if asked). You’ll get the Grub GUI setup screen. Check under the Tab “Boot Loader Installation” that the checkmark is in “Boot from Master Boot Record” and remove any other checkmarks. Click “Finish”. Wait for message “The boot loader was installed successfully”. Click OK → Next → Finish. Ignore any error messages and reboot. That should install an elementary Grub and allow you to boot to openSUSE.

Might work, might not. The data are safe while you do that simple procedure first.