Wonky Windeco

openSuSE 11.4, KDE 4.6

I have this problem with any window decoration downloaded from KDE-Look with “Get New …” under Workspace Appearance. As nearly as I can tell, all of them claim to have been created with Aurorae*. Windeco from original install and KDEartwork package are fine.

The problem is that bits of the border or titlebar may disappear, replaced by perhaps the desktop wallpaper, or a bit of an app window that had been open in that location but since closed, or a different windeco previously in effect.

I did not have this problem on first install, but I had a different one: Weird artifacts appeared when screen greyed out for shutdown. I updated kwin and that problem went away, but this one showed up! I can cope; just have Plastik as my windeco now, but I find the issue to be odd. What’s different about downloaded windeco?


*What is Aurorae, how do I get it, and if I got it, would Aurorae-generated windeco look right?


Didn’t realize I had Desktop Effects disabled. Turned 'em back on, shutdown artifacts are back but windeco is fine. -GEF

See for yourself:
Aurorae Theme Engine KDE-Look.org

Thankls, LE

I installed from that link even though it warned for 4.3 only, not later. No prob, but no change. Then I removed it, and it broke Aurorae themes, so I installed it again. Still have a choice between desktop effects disabled with Aurorae windeco broken, or desktop effects enabled with shutdown artifacts. -GEF