Wondering about 64-bit version

Is the 64-bit version of opensuse better than 32bit? I heard that there are a lot of problems with 64bit version. Is that true?

I use it no problem. If you have less than 4GB RAM and limited linux experience go 32bit

There are some apps that are only available for 32bit (90% commerial apps + zsnes, etc.), but these aren’t a problem… just install the “-32bit” libraries, zypper will do for you automagically.

Then the real problem: mixing 64 and 32 bits code.

  • multimedia players can’t use w32codec-all… not a problem, nowadays we have free codecs for 99% of formats.
  • Firefox/Konqueror + plugins: flash automagically works through ndiswrapper, perhaps it’s less stable. And not sure about Java, I have not seen a web page that requires the Java plug-in in years.

And… that’s all. Not really “a lot of problems”.