WOL with 11.1 broken?

Does anyone have WOL (Magic Packet wakeup) working with 11.1?

I have two different machines, one Nvidia chipset, one ATI chipset, neither will respond.

For one of my systems, an ASUS M2N VM HDMI AMD chipset motherboard, I found that the default 11.1 install used the r8169 network kernel module, even though the on board device is a RTL8111/8168B.
I downloaded and installed the latest 8168B driver from the OpenSuSE Build service, used one click install and then YAST to select the new driver module.

I had some difficulty deleting the r8169 module, as the system had created an alias for mii to the r8169. I stopped the NIC, removed the r8169 module and rebooted.
The dependency disappeared and the r8168 module stuck.
I am not sure yet what the impact of mii is (no longer an alais), but Magic Packet WOL now works.

On to my next mobo/system