Wobby winodws does not work correctly after latest update

My wobbly windows desktop effect in KDE 4.1.2 when I click on a window and start to move it the actual window disappears but the courser still shows that I am moving it. It is not until I place the window that it shows back up, but even then it starts off as a black window then all the details on it comes back. This was working correctly before, and I did update my ATI drivers from 8.8 in the repo to 8.9 but this problem did not start happening until today when I was running my system off of the battery and the charge fell down to 19%. At first I figured it was just the ATI driver/card and powersave trying to cut down on power usage but now that it is plugged in and the machine turned off and back on it is still happening. I did update my KDE 4.1.2 to the latest in the factory repo several days ago but still don’t think that is causing it. So right now I can only point my finger at ATI driver 8.9 with something weird when powersave takes over, KDE 4.1.2, or powersave itself.