WMV no video in 11.0

In 11.0 I cannot play WMV videos with Kaffeine, with xine backend. libxine1 from packman is installed. Actually I wanted to play this stream: http://www.rainews24.it/ran24/rainews24_2007/live/live_rainews24.asx . I had sound but no video. Do you have an idea about what the problem is?

I just clicked on that with opensuse-10.3 (kde-3.5.7) and opensuse-11.0 (kde-3.5.9) on it played in firefox with mplayerplug-in with no problem. …

I don’t know if it plays in xine. Try MPlayer and mplayerplug-in with firefox. There is also an excellent gui frontend for MPlayer called smplayer.

Thanks, that works.