WMA problem

hi every body.
i am new in the forum and in the linux too
i have eeepc and i am using EEEPC LINUX OS.it’s work correctly exept the WMA audio files it doesn’t work.i trayed AMAROK player and MPLAYER and VLC PLAYER too but no one can read it (wma).
please if anyone can help me.

I’m pretty certain that the linux on the EEE is not based on suse. Under suse there’s a pacman package for the windows 32-bit codecs that works with non-drm protected wma files.

For mplayer, at least, you can install the codecs “manually” in a pretty much distribution agnostic way. Now sure how the other players work, cause mplayer is my swiss army knife of choice. YMMV

From the MPlayer Download page there’s a Binary Codec Packages section. Your arch is x86, just pick any mirror close. Then unpack the *.bz2 file you get and put it in /usr/lib/win32/ Mplayer should play your files then.

MPlayer - The Movie Player

I’m pretty sure that it uses Xandros.

You need a codec package or mplayer.

the same problem…i tryed pacman pakage and it can’t read .WMA files.
i use eeepc linux os not xandros i change it.
and thank you for help.

Did you install decode for wma?
You can try the codepack as below
Restricted Formats/11.0 - openSUSE-Community

hi again.
sorry but i don’t knew how to install a codec package…?
if you can help?

Follow that link just above you, and then there is a 1-click installer.

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Since it’s not suse-based, then the pacman repository is unlikely to help you. Go to the mplayer site and follow the instructions in my previous post-- they should work for most any distro. Mplayer is pretty universal.