Wlan working, no internet access

Hey all! I am totally new to the linux world and recently ran into a problem with my internet access. Im using open suse 11.2 on a Dell Vostro 1520 laptop. I managed to get my wlan running and i can use firefox to access my router. In my router the laptop is also showing as connnected, dhcp reserved an ip for it.

However if i try to browse the internet, no page is loading, actually no software that needs access to the web is working.

Anyone got an idea? Im banging my head against a wall here. >:(

Same here. Happens to me lately first with Chakra Alpha 4 and thought it was just that the os is not finished.

I just finished installing Opensuse 11.2 KDE and the same exact thing happened.

How do you customize your router?
Do you use knetworkmanager?
Show ifconfig.

You probably have the route bug. Check the output of the command

/sbin/route -n

A good one will have a route with the UG flags set. The bug causes those bits
not to be set. To fix this for the moment, use the NM applet to “Manage
Connections”. Navigate to the wireless connection and edit it. Select the IP
Address tab and pull down the “Basic Settings” widget. Select routes and
deselect both check boxes on that page. If neither are checked, post the output
of command above.

If this gets you working, you need to upgrade NetworkManager to prevent further