Wlan problem


today I have install Suse 11, at the first time my Mouse wound’t work, but now she’s working.
My Problem, Suse 11 don’t detect my Belkin F5D9050 Wlan, I have found a driver, but i must do it in /user/scr. But for the device i must write my passwort, so i did it. But then there was a error

there was an error when trying to run filesharelist. Check that it is
installed, and in $PATH or /usr/sbin

But i don’t find something, how can i fix it?

Hi. If I understand correctly, you’re trying to compile the driver. I think you don’t need that; in SuSE, things are generally done on a far higher (and easier) level. You should read the wireless forum sticky and start from there. Generally speaking, you have several options for enabling your wireless: either your card works with the native linux driver, or you must use ndiswrapper. In both cases, there’s hardly need to compile anything. Compiling, on the other hand, might mess up your system if you’re not absolutely sure what you’re doing.:wink:
If I’m not mistaken, your card needs ndiswrapper to work. First, you must get the WindowsXP driver for the card (it consists of a .inf file and a bigger file - the card firmware - which ends in .sys IIRC). You place the files somewhere handy and then run from a konsole:
ndiswrapper PathToDriver/MyInfFile.inf
Then you type modprobe ndiswrapper.
Then you reboot your machine and go to YAST/Network Devices/Network settings. YAST should now ask you if you’d like to modprobe ndiswrapper. Answer yes, exit YAST, reboot. If everything went well, you should now have wireless connectivity. Note: some of the above konsole commands might need to be run as superuser (type su and then your superuser password).
Oh, and another thing: there is a dedicated section for networking (with a dedicated wireless section) on this forum. Your questions will presumably get more attention if posted there…