Wlan is not brought back up after suspend on Eee pc 1000HE

This may need to go under hardware i am not too sure please move it if it is put into the wrong forum.

The wireless works flawlessly with both network manager and ifup, and I’m using the madwifi drivers. The only issue is after a suspend wlan is not brought back up with it. If I use ifup i can get it back by running as root:

ifdown wlan0
ifup wlan0

Unfortunately I use my laptop out and about and network manager is really far more convenient for wifi. Unfortunatly this can not be brought back up with a command. Most of the scripts for wifi restore for the Eee use /proc/acpi/asus/wlan to restore wlan after looking through the /proc/acpi folders there is no wlan anywhere and no asus folder. I have the eee kernel modules installed and all the functions which involve the acpi work accept wlan. I was wondering if there is a way i can recover wlan without the acpi or if there is a way i can get that functionality.