Wlan Interface Connetion Failed


I am a Linux noob and have very little experience and knowledge with a terminal. I recently installed 12.3 and haven’t been able to connect to the internet using wifi. I am trying to connect to a router configured using a WEP encryption. On the network manager I am able to see all the available networks but get a connection failed notification every time. This happens with WPA and open networks. I would really appreciate it if someone could shed some light on the issue. I tried searching the forums and couldn’t find anything that was helpful or did not understand the steps that people took to fix their issues.

Thanks in advance!

How are you specifying the WEP secret? The passphrase that works with Windows will fail as they use a different passphrase => key conversion than does Linux. You need to specify the key itself.

If you control this AP, switching to WPA will give you security. A 64-bit WEP connection can be broken in minutes and no supercomputer is required.

Well I did switch momentarily to WPA and had the same problem. I live out in the country so there in no one close enough to steal my internet connection. My little brother also needs it so stay as a WEP since he likes to play on his Nintendo DS. Is there anything I can do to check where my connection is failing.

Have a look at /var/log/NetworkManager for any errors during the connection process.