WLAN cannot set IP address thus connection to router fails after update.

I’m running 12.3 KDE 4.10.5 on a dell Inspiron 15 it has an Atheros WI-FI adapter. When I install from the DVD I burned everything works fine wi-fi connects great. now I have 238 updates waiting in the queue to install and at some point one of the updates causes network manager not to be able to set my IP address and the connection to the router fails until I reboot my router. does anyone else have this problem? My main question is, if i install the updates one at a time until I discover the culprit how can I remove it and revert back to where i was when everything was working fine, flag the conflicting update and continue installing the updates in the queue surely there is an easy way?

If this was me, I would do a network direct connect to the router and finish the update. If you can do it, then do so. Also be aware that you need to stick with kernel 3.7 from openSUSE or switch to openSUSE 13.1 for wireless as the Atheros driver was moved from kernel-firmware package to the kernel proper above version 3.7. Self compiled kernels will not load the driver by default.

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I can finish the update installs via wireless. every thing will work fine until my screen locks or i reboot, then network manager cannot set my IP address. Once i receive a notification that my WLAN connection fails I can reboot my router and then the connection succeeds.
I do not mind upgrading to 13.1, the only reservation I have is, so far 12.3 is the only Linux version that I have not had issues with KDE. Issues like menu choices being unclickable. things disappearing from the system tray.
Until this update issue it has worked flawless.