Wish list of KDE packages for tumbleweed

There be some packages in the kde46 repo which has newer versions as in
the oss repo. I build all of this packages from src.rpm’s of the the
kde46 repo for a local repo without any problems and they works as

It would be very nice if this packages can be in the tumbleweed repo
and here is the list of packages with newer versions:

  • oxygen-gtk 1.0.5-12.1 (oss repo: 1.0.1-3.1)
  • qtcurve-kde4 1.8.6-44.4 (oss repo: 1.8.4-3.1)
  • kmymoney 4.5.3-18.6 (oss repo: 4.5.2-5.2)
  • scribus 1.4.0.rc3-23.2 (oss repo: 1.4.0.rc1-1.2.1)
  • tellico 2.3.3-41.1 (oss repo: 2.3.2-6.9.1)

There is one other thing where i don’t really know if this is necessary
but perhaps it is a good idea to recompile the plasmoid packages of
the oss repo even against the last update of kde:

  • plasmoid-cwp
  • plasmoid-quickaccess
  • plasmoid-networkmanagement

See you