Just installed suse 11 and having problems connecting to internet. We have a at@t wireless router, and i have a linksys wmp54g wireless pci adapter. I am a bit of a nub when it comes to wireless have always been hardwired. I know the name of are network and have password, but not sure how to configure it in suse thanks.

You could use Networkmanager to connect to a ip adress in your range. It runs as a taskbar applet. You could also install Kwifi manager to detect and connect to wireless networks.

I don’t know if your card runs in Linux. You could always use ndiswrapper to load the appropriate driver.

AFAIK Network Manager has no capability to handle usernames/passwords, you must do that in YaST > Network Devices > Nework Settings. That’s also the place to look in if you want to see whether you have a driver for your wireless card installed at all. If you see a wireless connection in there, just Edit it and add your username/password for the AP.

Thank you for your replys. will check it out.:slight_smile:

If your Linksys WMP54G has a Broadcom card (I think some do), you will also need
to install the firmware. To tell if this is necessary, issue the command ‘dmesg
| grep b43’. If that command returns nothing, then you do not have a BCM43XX card.