wireless wifi intel 7265 not working

How are you?

I did install Opensuse that has wiifi model Intel 7265.
I did follow the link:

The connection not Up or appear at the Network Manager?

Any Ideia?

Thanks so much


In YaST -> “Network settings” turn on “Network Manager” (“wicked” is default).

Hello! Network Manager is active and wireless mode does not let enable. It shows that wireless network is disable.

Thanks you

You may need to install the rfkill package, but show the output from (as root user);

rfkill list

I’d start by sharing the hardware details and check that a driver is loaded…

/usr/sbin/hwinfo --netcard

Hello All

Thanks for all attention.
It was a new install so I did start from new net ISO install pendrive. So, I connect cable at notebook but it did not found DHCP, so insert an IP and owwww, all ok. the wifi works!



Ok, so just a network configuration issue apparently. Thanks for the update.