wireless utility for suse

Gusy, can somebody tell me what is the name of wireless utility for suse. it shows signal strenght, available networks.
It used to be on some of my menues but I don’t see it anymore… and miss it.

Are you looking for the network manager (knetworkmanager in KDE)?

When you choose, from the popmenu in the tray, “New Connection > wlan0” it shows you the list of detected networks and signal strength.

I guess that is it. Thank you so much.

KWiFiManager shows networks and signal strength

is that possible that KWiFiManager is not part of opensuse 11?
I can’t find it nowhere on my drive. How can i get it installed?

If your serarching in YaST, you need to make sure you check the
‘rpm provides’ checkbox. You will find that it’s part of the
kdenetwork3-wireless rpm.

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