Wireless signal strength

When I use 11.1 on my netbook the wireless signal level for the strongest signal is 12%. I can’t connect. When I use the native OS on the same netbook the same signal is 74%.

Can the difference in the two drivers account for this?


You didn’t mention what netbook, what wifi card etc. I’d be surprised if the Linux driver wasn’t better sorted that what you are seeing.

If you provide more details of your hardware I’m sure someone may be able to offer some help.

Distance from the router and what is around the router also make a difference.

Netbook - Asus eee 900
Card - AR5007EG 802.11 bg Wi-Fi Mini PCI express card
Native O.S. - Xandros (Asus specific)
Native driver - ath_pci
Current O.S. - Suse 11.1 KDE 3.5
Current driver - ath5k

Test was conducted from the exact same location, the same notebook angle position and no change in surrounding objects.