Wireless Printer Help

I am running Leap 42.2 and print with an Epson Stylus Photo R2000 printer.
Normal printer operation is through CUPS but I would now like to implement a wireless connection rather than through the USB
The printer has an ‘information’ button that should give full MAC address etc … but it appears to do nothing (probably due to Linux interface)
When the printer starts up the ‘wifi’ light flashes for about one minute (I would guess for ‘discovery’) but I see nothing on my computer system
If I connect my router to the printer Ethernet port then the printer indicates that the connection is made.

What steps do I need to make to enable ‘remote’ internet printing? The Epson printer manual totally avoids any information on this subject.

Thank you;

It may be easier to get the printer configured using a Windows machine (and Epson printer utility software) to begin with. If you have a router that is WPS-capable then you can often get the printer associated with your wireless network with a press of a couple of buttons as explained in this Epson guide. If not, then Windows (or Mac) computer will probably be needed to get the printer connected to your wireless network. Wired ethernet is easier for this reason.

In general printers are best defined with a static IP address, but a DHCP-assigned address is ok as long as your router can reserve it based on MAC address. Once you know the printer’s IP address, you should be able to configure CUPS accordingly. The first check is that you can ping the printer successfully. The CUPS web interface (or your preferred printer config utility) should be able to find the printer automatically if it’s connected to the wired or wireless LAN, (however this may need the firewall to be disabled if it active).