Wireless PCMCIA

I am trying to get a wireless Belkin f5d7010 working with 12.3. PCMCIA drivers are installed. Cannot see wireless card. ANy help is appreciated.

Card is known working, tried in another PC (winXP) works.
LSPCI = Broadcom BCM4318 air force one
IWCONFIG: no wireless connections
hwinfo --wlan --short : no output?

Can you provide the chipset details? Execute the following

/sbin/lspci -nnk|grep -A2 -i net

and report back.

After some fiddling, I got it to work.

FWIW posted (for future reference):

To get this working:

  1. I needed to have internet access (by hardwired cable), which I did not have. But did last night.
  2. install b43 cutter (root).
  3. run install_bcm43xx_firmware (root). This is where It failed all the time, the command gave the message “the command completed successfully” even if It did not. Looking at the script, I noticed it executed a curl command. Since I had no internet at the time - it failed, but falsely responded “the command completed successfully”.

Hooking up a (temporary) wired connection fixed the issue.

Thanks for the help and sorry to waste your time.

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