Wireless not connecting in 11.1 kde

Hi guys,
We have Opensuse 11.1, with KDE 4 and we can’t get the wireless internet to connect. it works fine on Windows vista ( Dual boot)but we can;'t get it working on suse!
I read somewhere that the 64 bitversion is bugged or something for using the wireless.
We also have a big cable that is also connected to the modem, and when wwe plug that in the internet also works fine, just the wireless wont work, which is a great inconvinience.
We hace a Compaq presario CQ60

Is this kde4? edit:Sorry yes I see kde4
If so is it updated at all? And which network Manager are you using - kde3’s or kde4’s

Go to Yast Software Management and in the search type: networkmanager
Print the screen and let me see a screen of the packages. (You can post screenshots on sites like Imagebam)