Wireless network setting on netbook with opensuse-11.3

On the 32-bit Netbook with Intel Atom running opensuse-11.3 I have ethernet broadband connection with dynamic IP. I have now bought a D-Link Wireless 150 Router DIR-600 and have initialized it on my other laptop on Windows 7 Home Basic
OS. I now want this opemsuse Netbook also to have the facility. Please advise me what packages I shall install and what modifications I have to do in
/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-wlan0 or whatever else is neccessary.

In Yast - Network - Network Settings, set the netbook to use the Networkmanager instead of ‘ifup’. Logging on to the desktop brings up the Networkmanager icon in the systemtray, open it, select your Router’s ESSID (broadcasted name), enter the passphrase, check ‘connect automatically’, that should be it. You can connect anywhere if wifi is available and you have it’s key
If you don’t want to use the Networkmanager, tick the card in Yast - Network - Network Settings, click edit and go through the screens. The info you have to enter is not different from that you entered in Win.

Please open a terminal window and post output of:

ip addr