Wireless Network Problems...

Hello, I’m pretty new to linux and I was hoping for some help. I recently installed openSUSE 11.1 (KDE4). It seems that my wireless card and everything checks out. When I go to the network connections, it will find my wireless router, and i think all is good. After putting in my WEP I tell the program to save and connect. after about 30 seconds the icon darkens and it says disconnected. Any help would be apprecieated!

There are lots of threads you can search on wireless.

I seem to remember there is a problem with networkmanager in 4.2 and encryption. You could take down the encryption for a minute and see if that is it.

Otherwise, you could try going into Yast–>Network Devices–>network settings and change (under the Global tab) from NetworkManager to Traditional ifup. Go to the hardware tab and edit the settings to match your encryption.

After you exit yast, open a terminal, become root and type
ifup wlan0
That might get you going.

Got it together through yast. Thanks!