Wireless network interface is not active until someone logs in the graphical mode.

I notice that in TW 2021-06-26 and before (2021-06-16) the wireless network interface is DOWN when no one is logged in graphical mode/Plasma.
As soon someone logged in, the wireless network interface gets active/up.
As soon someone logs off in graphical interface, the wireless network goes to DOWN state again.

A cabled network interface is active all the time, regardless there is someone logged in the graphical mode or not.

I expect a active wireless network interface regardless there is someone logged in or not.

I am not sure if this is a bug or not.

So, it is possible to get an active wireless network connection all the time (when network.target is reached, I suppose) ?

You have to enable the Wlan connection for every user in the graphical environment----networkmanager.

Either you use wicked (which is designed with the old way of establishing network connection on boot and to stop it on shutdown), or you use NetworkManager, which is designed for “walk-around” devices like laptops where the end-user probably wants to choose from the networks available at the the place he sits, and of course that then functions when there is an end-user logged in.

But as @Sauerland explains, you can configure NM so that it acts like Wicked.

Thank you. I come from the old school, wicked mode, when network is up in the early stages of boot.
You right, there is a setting at NM for enable that connection for every user. I did and it worked.


Thank you. I did as @Sauerland explained and the network come up even no one is logged in, so now I can, remotely, access the computer by ssh.