Wireless network in KDE 4.0 / Suse 11.0

I have just installed SUSE 11.0 / KDE 4.0 on an old PC for my 7 year old daughter to use.
Everything is running very well.
I have the PCI wireless network card working with ‘madwifi.rpm’.
The only small problem I’ve got is that when the computer boots up, the Kwifimanager loads automatically, but there is no inter-net access, and it displays no signal strength.
I have to start YAST, goto ‘Network Devices’ then ‘Network Settings’.
The ether-net card is set to, ‘On Cable connection’, under, ‘Global options’ and the wireless card is set to, ‘At boot time’.
After I hit the ‘next’ tab a few times and then the ‘finish’ tab, Kwifimanager shows good signal strength and I have inter-net access.
This procedure has to been done every time I want to establish an inter-net connection, but I’m not changing any of the network settings.
Shouldn’t this all just load at boot time, as I have set it to?
Does anyone know if this is a problem in KDE 4.0 or SUSE 11.0 or have I just not set something correctly?
Normally I’d be happy to do this every time I want inter-net, to manually connect, but this computer with primarily be used by a 7 and a 5 year.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.