Wireless MS mouse strange behaviour on xfce on opensuse 12.3


I recently upgraded my Samsung nc110 from OS 12.1 to 12.3, keeping xfce because it doesn’t use many resources and is economical with screen territory.

But … the MS mobile wireless mouse is behaving strangely (it was OK before). I’ve tried the usual - clean it, replace battery, move the transceiver to a different USB port. No change.

Basically, the mouse will work for a while, then stop working for a while (3-5 secs), then it starts working again.
If I use the keyboard then I have to wait the few seconds before the mouse works.
If I suspend / resume the device (it’s a notebook computer) then it doesn’t work on resume.
The PC is still working, and the trackpad works normally,even when the mouse isn’t.

I’ve tried disabling the trackpad - same behaviour. I’ve turned off the “disable trackpad while typing” - same behaviour.

HELP! It’s driving me nuts.

TIA David

Could you possibly test a New User login?

Same behaviour on a newly created userID. Same behaviour when logged in as root.

I should have added, it’s 64 bit version. All updates applied.

64/32 bit doesn’t matter

Have you tested other mice if that’s possible?

is it a bluetooth mouse?

I don’t know if it’s bluetooth - it has one of those little USB senders which plugs into the USB port, which connects to the mouse.

I have bluetooth disabled (using fn + F7) on the noteboo, but get the same behaviour with bluetooth on & off.

Good suggestion! I don;t have another wireless mouse to hand (I can borrow one later today), but with a wired (USB) mouse, there’s about 0.5 sec delay between when I start moving the mouse and when the cursor responds.

I’d never noticed this before, so it may be new or may have been a feature of the system all along.

Does the new (12.3) openSUSE have something which puts the USB ports to sleep when they’re inactive? Is a mouse which isn;t moving inactive?

Could be you have the spin down hard disks enabled

I’ve just tried a Logitech mouse, and that’s behaving properly. It’s the MS mouse which has a “sleep”.

There isn’t a disk spinup - I’ve replaced the HD with SSD. Recommended for anyone who has a laptop or notebook.

I’ve found the cause and solution.

I have laptop-mode-tools installed. In the config file (/etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/usb-autosuspend.conf) I added the device to the AUTOSUSPEND_USBID_BLACKLIST and everything now seems OK.

Details of the process here: https://fitzcarraldoblog.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/how-to-prevent-a-usb-mouse-auto-suspending-in-linux-when-a-laptops-power-supply-is-disconnected/