wireless mouse is not sensitive

Hi, I just switched from ubuntu (with gnome3) to opensuse. One thing I notice is that the my wireless mouse becomes very insensitive and is nearly unusable. Any idea on what is wrong?

I can be sure that the mouse is OK. I have a keyboard (HHKB) which has additional usb slots, and when I plug my signal receiver to the usb of the keyboard, the mouse works very well. And it also works very well on another laptop of mine (with Win7).

Moreover, it seems that my wired mouse is also not performing well. Sometimes it ignores my clicks.

Does the laptop have a touchpad as well?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it has a touchpad.

It seems that this may be a power issue. I connect it to another usb (on the other side the laptop), and it works normally. So it is quite strange because the keyboard I mentioned was connected to the former usb slot. The keyboard along with the signal receiver should consume more power, shouldn’t it? Why the mouse could work better when it is connected via the keyboard?