Wireless light doesn't come on


In openSUSE 10.3 on Dell Inspiron 6400 with Intel 3495 wireless card, when I pressed the Fn-F2 (or F3, don’t remember, the wireless ON/OFF key), the radio turned on and the light came on and started flashing until it synced and then stayed on. Then, on pressing the same keys, the radio turned off. In openSUSE 11, when I do the same the light is always OFF. I have all the latest packages for laptop and wireless drivers. Is there any way to make the light work? BTW, the radio and wireless connection work fine. It’s just without the light you never know what’s going on. I need to wait for a few seconds and then check KNetworkManager and see if the radio and connection are ON or OFF


As I remember, 10.3 used the older ipw3945 driver rather than the newer iwlwifi driver. The current version of the driver in the 11.0 driver does not have support for the wifi light :rolleyes:. But the driver in kernel version 2.6.26 has support for the wifi light enabled. So, probably with 11.1 this will work again. Unless you feel like upgrading the kernel just for this…

Thanks, einheit47, at least Iĺl stop banging my head in vain