Wireless-less again:)

Hello to everyone!

I am terribly sorry for making the same stupid questions again, since I´m quite sure the answers are already somewhere around here, it´s just that I can´t find them.

Somehow I´ve managed to install Suse 11.0 (dual boot, writing this from WinXP), I have no experience whatsoever with Linux, I get spots when I read about this Yast-thingy and other non-windoze stuff… anyway, am not giving up and asking 4 help:)

Help! :slight_smile:

Here it comes: wireless connection in Windows works out of the box even with my Asus WL520g router, which itself works only when it wishes to. In Suse it doesn´t work but also I have no idea, where to start making it work. I do have a looong cable to physicaly connect computer with router, just don´t know what to do then.

So, where do I start, what do I do? :blush:

THANY YOU for any ideas:D

Hi, welcome to the forums! Do u use gnome or kde and what wireless card do u have on your laptop? Have u added any repositories yet?

Hi, thanx for your help:)

I use gnome. It says here: Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN, is that the wireless card??? I don´t even know what a repository is, so I think I haven´t added any:)

Alright then lets get started.

A repository is like a server that allows u to install and update programs from, there could be an update repo and there could be a repo for drivers and programs such as openoffice, etc.

Alright, first go to yast in gnome and click on software repositories.

Now there should be 3 of them listed there all ready, they r:


enable them and set them to automatically refresh.

Now visit this page:

Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE

add the repos for version 11.0 (I hope this is the one u r using)

I suggest the following

VLC Video Lan Client
If u have a Nvidia or ATI card then add theirs otherwise u can leave them.
Beryl,Compiz and XGL
Gnome Community
Gnome Stable
openoffice.org Stable
openoffice.org extras

these r the ones I have added as well :slight_smile:

u can add a repo opening software repositories like I told u earlier and click on ADD and specify URL and add that specific repos URL and give it a name for example

for the nvidia repo u do

Repository Name: Nvidia
URL: download.nvidia.com/opensuse/11.0

this is an example to help u understand

after doing all this update your system and then lets get on to wireless

I don’t have a broadcom card and I think it needed ndiswrapper to work before but that was a long time back so if any other suse user has one then please tell me if it works with madwifi.

As I understand we shall not use ndiswrapper in 11.0 - only if nothing else works.

Larry Finger pointed in another thread about Broadcom wireless chips a new, very smart way of installing the right fireware. Start a command prompt and have your admin password. Then type or copy/paste:

sudo /usr/sbin/install_bcm43xx_firmware

Boot after that and go into Yast ->m Network Devices -> Network Card. Here you should see your wifi-nic, which you can configure with wireless data.


UPS - you shall stay connected with your long cable to the Internet while doing it!

OK, so I’ve added the repositories(HA!):cool:

I also did the thing janoholm suggested, but I have no “network card option” under network devices…?

I read that thread about ndiswrapper, too, so I hope something else works - the windows messups is what got me here in the first place:)

haha ok good work :slight_smile:

have up updates your system after adding the repos?

go to yast and then online update

I keep getting this:

Can’t provide file ‘./suse/noarch/linux-kernel-headers-2.6.25-8.1.noarch.rpm’ from repository ‘openSUSE-DVD 11.0’

when trying to update:(

What about this NetworkManager 7.0 thing, where do I get one, would it help??

is your opensuse 11.0 install dvd inserted when this pops up…if not, put it and away you go with the updates etc. i think other people here have you sorted in helping you out for wireless so ill leave it to them, and pop back if needed.

Ok, stupid me:o It works now, I got the system updated!

good work :slight_smile:

… and I got wireless working after all:cool:

I installed firmware for Broadcom mentioned in this thread:

Step by set instructions for Broadcom in Suse 11 - openSUSE Forums

Then I just put in my SSID and router’s MAC in “network connections” and that was it!

I can hardly believe it and I hope this may help somebody else with the same problem:) Thank you all for your help!:slight_smile:

No problem and welcome to openSUSE, its the best :smiley:

excellent. what was it that worked for you? just the update?

well done on getting it sorted.