Wireless LAN problem ( not a big deal but little annoying)

(before I post , sorry for my Eng skill in advance cos I’m not a native speaker in Eng.)

I am a newbie for Opensuse, however , at least can install and configure it on my machine quite well.

So far everything works fine for me . Performance is good , stable, and free!

But found some irritating things after a week that everytime I boot my machine, my wireless status is always off , which I can check it “ON” through Network manager in KDE but annoying…

how can I set it to ON automatically!

help me out pls T,T

On 08/19/2013 08:36 AM, n2425 wrote:
> how can I set it to ON automatically!

-single left click the Network Manager icon in the panel at the
bottom of the screen

-select “Manage Connections”

-in the pop-up that results, click the “Wireless” tab

-use the up/down arrows to select/highlight the wireless access point
you are using

-click the “Edit” button

-click the box next to “Connect Automatically” near the top of that

-click “OK” button near the bottom of the edit window

-click “Apply” at the bottom of the configure module…

-job done.