wireless lan how to

laptop wirelessly, desktop wired have internet access. how can i connect to each other using openSUSE 11.1 (i586) internet-free environment just to share files wireless

Are they on the same LAN ?

When I want to connect two PCs on the same LAN for file transfer (one is wired, the other is wireless, but both connected via the family router) I simply open konqueror and type as follows:

PC-A ip address =
PC-B ip address =
user on both PCs is user oldcpu.

I open port#22 on both PCs firewall (using YaST > Security and Users > Firewall)

When typing on PC-A to connect to PC-B I type in konqueror’s location bar:


When typing on PC-B to connect to PC-A I type in konqueror’s location bar:


… and one can also use FileZilla instead of Konqueror, or Nautilus, or other file managers that support sftp.

One can also use “fish” instead of “sftp” but IMHO “sftp” is better.

When I want to connect to my 84-year old mother’s desktop PC in a different continent, I do the same ! For example, when using the Hotel wireless in Phuket Thailand, and if my mother’s IP address in North America is then I would type in my laptop:


and I would connect to her PC. (those are example and not real ip addresses, of course). And actually its a bit more complex than that because I have her router port changed to minimize the risk of bots breaking in, but that is the general idea/principle.

I’m trying to communicate via a wireless adsl modem. The information given above Is it appropriate?

The above information is appropriate, but dependant on both your wiress connection to the Internet, and your wired PC connection to the Internet, you may need to do more.

Lets say your wireless PC is NOT on your home LAN.

For example, lets also say your wired PC has the internal IP address in a home LAN where the wired PC ip address on that home LAN is This internal home LAN IP address will NOT be observable to the world outside your LAN. But your router that connects your LAN to the Internet will be observable to the outside world. Lets say the router for that wired PC has an external (to the world) IP address of

Lets also say that your wireless PC is located in a different city from the wired PC.

Then your wireless PC needs to access the wired PC via the wired PC’s router.

So you need to then set up your wired PC’s LAN router to forward any connections to your wired PC as appropriate. Lets say your wired PC is setup to receive ssh/sftp connections on the default port#22. Then you need to setup your router to route sftp connect attempts to port#22 on your wired PC. How do to that? One way is to tell your LAN router than any connection attempt that comes in on some high port # (say for example port 36001) is to be routed to your wired PC’s port #22.

Then on your wireless PC, you just need to tell it the IP address of your router and the port on your router to connect to. And as soon as your router receives a communication attempt on that port, it will immediately send that communication attempt to your wired PC.

So, for example, and I’m a bit rusty on the syntax, but for sftp, I think it is something like entering the following in your wireless PC, into Konqueror or FileZilla (note the syntax may be different dependant on the application):


That will result in your router receiving an sftp communication request on port#36001. But you previously setup your router to forward a communication attempt on port#36001 to port#22 on your wired PC. So your wired PC will then receive the wireless PC’s sftp communincation attempt on the wired PC’s port#22.

And you can communicate !

Thats the general idea. It reads to be a LOT more complex than it actually is. Actually, its pretty simple.