wireless issues in the kernel (?!) in opensuse 11.3

I am having trouble stating connected with wifi for more than an hour, when WEP or WPA encryption is used.

I have atheros AR5001 adapter and it is using ath5k driver - this has been working in recent kernels and upto opensuse 11.2. I have a dual boot with opensuse 11.2 on the same laptop - booting to 11.2, wifi stays up fine, connecting to the exact same wifi router ( not same model but THE SAME DEVICE). From 11.3, I connect but connection stays up for 1-2 hours most, then I get authentication time out and then I have to cold boot the router to connect again. Then the same thing happens. Also, both in wpa and networkmanager logs, I see a re-connection message every minute or so; this is not the case in 11.2

In 11.3, using ifup and networkmanager has the same effect so it NOT a networkmanager problem. Also, I downgraded wpa_supplicant to the 11.2 version because the version included in 11.3 is not a release version but beta. That did NOT fix the problem.

I see many messages similar to this, with all kinds of wifi chipsets so it does not seem to be an atheros specific problem.

There is only one conclusion one can draw - there is some problem with the wireless networking code in the kernel, not specific to the driver.

I have no problems with my wireless network card, so I didn’t draw the same conclusion as you.

If you google the issue, it appears to happen for different distributions with the recent kernel ( 2.6.34+) and with different network cards (wireless).

I am not sure how your post really helps - I am looking for a resolution.

I was just telling you that I don’t have any problems with my network card, which obviously uses the same kernel you’re using. So, maybe your conclusion is incorrect. Maybe the problem is with the driver. Just becuase it was working on an older kernel doesnt mean it will work on a newer one. They drivers may have to be updated to work with the new code.

Even if it is the driver, the driver is ath5k and is part of the kernel ( module). But I have seen this issue for intel, ralink and other chipsets, too. It is possible that your router works under these circumstances ( as also some others) and perhaps the peope who tested this in the kernel had one of the “working” routers.

My router does work as it did before, as it does still in 11.2. So something changed in the new wireless stack in the kernel. I can provide more information to trouble shoot the problem, if someone asks me for something specific. I performed the most basic tasks of trouble shooting.

I am wondering if I should downgrade the kernel. If I do, it will also impact the radeon driver as it is using the open source driver right now.

Have you tried using the madwifi drivers instead? I believe you’ll have to blacklist the ath5k if you do that.

I could not get madwifi drivers to work for this chip. I did blacklist the ath5k ( even tried setting perms to 000 for the network modules directory). The wlan0 device is not created/seen. Disabling networkmanager and doing ifup ath0 doesn’t help.