[Wireless] Issue with connecting to router using wep key

Greetings !!

I made some tests with a router without security and my internet connexion worked without any problem. But if I activated the wep security (or wpa it is the same behaviour) suse 11.1 won’t connect in any way.

I used knetwork manager and traditional ifup method, both failed to connect.

I saw, using iwconfig that in both cases (wpa or wep) I was associated with the AP but dhclient won’t work in any way, I was always in the APIPA…

I checked if there weren’t any access control (mac address filtering, …) and all the settings in the router were off to give me full access. Including the firewall set to off. The DHCP feature was on in both cases.

I noticed that the firewall must be on in suse 11.1 otherwise I couldn’t have any connections even if I disabled wep or wpa…

Do you have an idea to help me find a way to solve this issue and never let the wifi router opened for everybody ?

Thank you for time spent helpin’ me !

Try WICD. There have been a lot of problems with the networkmanager (and wireless security). Most of it is fixed now in 11.2 and latest networkmanager.
WICD is available through one-click install from Software.openSUSE.org

Ok thank you for this quick answer, I will try with WICD, I wasn’t awared of its existence…

I’ll download it and try it ^^