Wireless issue in openSUSE

I was using Ubunutu for the past few years, but recent release has a nasty bug with wireless driver, that leaves my laptop useless (I depend heavily on wireless).

I have tried to migrate to openSUSE, and I was really happy with it for a short time, I even planned to stay with it for good. Until… I found this bug in openSUSE too. = Furthermore, every major distro that has good support for my HW has it. Perhaps, it is a kernel related issue. This bug is present at least in oS 11.2, fedora 12, ubuntu 9.10. Previous releases are OK. Only recent distro that is OK is Mandriva 2010 (I am not sure which kernel version it uses).

My question is, are there any plans at SUSE community to fix this? The bug I am talking about is best described here: