Wireless IPv6 connections with networkmanager?

Why is the “IPv6-Address” tab for wireless connections always disabled? I tried to set it to “Automatic” but then connections drop and rebuild repeatedly. I want to enable IPv6, since my new network provider kinda forces me to use IPv6 (IPv4 only through DS-Lite).

I got a fresh install of openSuse 13.1, and Yast->Networksettings already shows a tick at IPv6 being active by default (but I also get a warning that I am using NetworkManager). I did not change any network settings, everything ought to be on default.

However, KDE networkmanager’s configuration dialog for wireless connections has 4 tabs “Wireless”, “Wireless-Security”, “IPv4-Address” and “IPv6-Address”. The later always says “Method: disabled”. I can manually choose the dropbox setting “Automatic”. However, then the connections breaks down very frequently (although it reestablishes after a few seconds).

Three Android devices connect to the same router without any problems. My laptop connects to other wireless networks also without problems. Problems occur only if I enable IPv6 in the connections settings.

Do I just ignore the IPv6 tab?
Does IPv6 work nevertheless?

I do not use NM, thus no comment from me on it’s use.

But I saw you are not sure if you use IPv6 at a certain moment. This may help you to test it: