Wireless hotspot

I’m at my college currently, and I’m trying to hook my laptop up to their wifi. once connected they have a web page where you have to confirm that you’re a student or whatever. The wifi shows that it’s connected, but for mozilla the web pages just load and load and load. Google Chrome will eventually say it ran out of time. So does openSUSE have problems with wifi hotspots and is there a workaround? Sorry this message is all bunched together, but I’m typing it on a semi-sucky phone until I can get this wifi hotspot thing working. Thank you for any replies. Note: The wifi worked before for hotspots for Ubuntu, Lubuntu, and Kali Linux; I’ll set up a dual boot with 1 of them if need be, or a v-box, but would rather get it working on openSUSE if possible.

You posted this in the Wireless forum, which is correct. But yoy apperently did not read the first “sticky” threads where it is explained what you should try to post as information. Now that could be a bit difficult seeing your situation, but even the version of openSUSE and the desktop you use are missing.

I’m at home now, so it’s easier to respond.

I’m running openSUSE 13.1 on a Toshiba Satellite C75D-A.

Any suggestions to get wifi working at hotspots? Such as college, coffee shops, etc.