Wireless HELP

Ok so ill start by saying “Im a nubbie, and i cant spell worth Jack” sorry.

I have a Dell D600 and as far as i know the system recognizes the integrated WiFi. it shows up when i check the hardware. my problem is that i cant seem to find any networks. i know the card works when i use my windows drive, but when i am using OpenSUSE (v 10.3 and 11.1 i have used) it wont find any networks. i have input all the information i can into the “connection manager” but it wont find the device. i connect no problem through hard wire though, but its a pain. I dont know if its just an incompatibility issue and i need to get a add on card, or if im just to much of a novice and cant work it properly.

Oh ya i also dont know terminal at all, so simple steps would be nice.

thanks for the help

We need to know what we are dealing with. Open a terminal and go su and type:

lspci -v

towards the end will be your wireless info, paste it here