Wireless firmware script says: command not found

Hello all,

I’m still kind of a noob to suse, and I’m trying to get it working on an old Latitude D820 with the Dell 1390 (Broadcom 4311) wireless chip. I finally found the sticky on this forum and followed all instructions until I got the part where you run the script. I entered:

sudo bcm43xx_firmware/install_bcm43xx_firmware_no_net

and I get: command not found. I can open the script file, view it, modify it, etc., but cannot run it. This is necessary since my wired nic is not functioning. Details of my Hardware Information:

Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card
Kernel Driver: ssb

I tried other methods of extracting the files into the b43 and b43_legacy firmware folders, but they are still empty. Any ideas are appreciated!

Did you make sure that you were in the directory (where the script resides) first?

OK, I just got it working. I simply copied the zip files from Missing your Wireless Drivers? | Oliver Mattos and copied the b43 directory (including files) to my firmware directory, essentially replacing the original empty one. Rebooted, Wifi is now working. Thanks for the reply!