Wireless/Ethernet cfg Question

I have had 11.2 on my toshiba satellite m45-s265 (hey it was free)for about a month now, and it has been running beautifully. It even picked up the intel wireless right away during installation. My problem is that I have to do work tonight with it and the location in which I am going to be doing my work does not have a wireless access. I’m not sure if it will work when I go to plug in ethernet. If it doesn’t, how can I make it work? … and is there a way to make it so I can go back and forth between ethernet and wireless easily/conveniently?

Thanks ahead of time guys,


Can you try it on wired before you must go to the location? In general it should work. You may need to go into Yast to configure the card. Best practice would be to be sure that the net is plugged in before you turn on the machine. If it does not connect go to Yast. Also what are you using to manage the wireless. You may have to go there to switch also.