wireless drops every reboot

Every time I update and reboot or just shut down,my wireless does not start automatically. I have the box checked to start at login but it doesnt. I have to go into the properties of my wireless and edit,i don’t have to change anything,just keep hitting ok and let it re-initialize the network. there must be a way to get it to connect without having to do this.

Same problem here. Over the course of using openSUSE releases back to 10.2, on the same exact laptop (always new installations, not updates), it seems the problem comes and goes.

I’ve seen this question asked in previous posts in this forum, and remain unanswered. I have yet to find it if the same problem has been previously resolved.

Could use a little help on this annoying problem. More than trivial - any program or function that launches at startup and requires connectivity stalls awaiting manual intervention.

Thanks in advance.

just put the device’s module in modules_loaded_on_boot in sysconfig editor & it should work


Thanks for the reply, Andy. Learning the ropes here; if you could provide a little more guidance …

Looks like the correct sysconfig parameter to modify is found in Yast at:
System->/etc/sysconfig Editor->System->Kernel->MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT

So, how do I identify the module associated with my wireless networking device?

And, in the interest of a permanent fix to the problem, does this missing parameter represent a bug in the install process, and should this be submitted to bug reporting? Or is this solution a work-around, or a brute-force fix?

Worthy of note: A Help screen in YaST indicates that once a configuration file has been modified manually, YaST will no longer touch it - it will no longer be editable using the YaST tool.

Thank you.

A couple of questions outstanding - most importantly:

How do I identify the wireless module/how do I determine the string value to enter for the load on boot parameter?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.