wireless does not connect anymore

I have a Compaq Presario CQ60, I installed openSuse 11.1. Everything worked including wireless. Few days later wireless stopped working. I can scan and see wireless routers, wireless adapter (Atheros, ath5K ) seems to be working. But I am unable to connect. With NetworkManager I can configure the connection but it does not connect. I have also tried command line “iwconfig” and “ifup” but fail to get a DHCP response.
How can I uninstall/reinstall this driver?
Your help is appreciated.

I found the problem and fixed it.
The issue was due to the fact that eth0 and wlan0 were both connecting to the same GW. The default GW in the route table was pointing to eth0, eventhoug ethernet cabel was removed.

Linux> ifconfig eth0 down
Linux> route add default gw wlan0

“” is IP address of my GW.