Wireless D-Link DWL-G510 [OpenSUSE 11.0]


I am using Ubuntu for a long time, and I enjoy working on Linux machines, so I tought when I saw the new release OpenSUSE 11; Why not have a try? So I started the downloading, installation,… Everything’s fine except… the wireless internet. I am using one computer with several hard disks - on each an OS - so I tought wireless would have been just like Ubuntu, it’s the same PC - hardware.

I used the drivers from the cd and installed them with ndiswrapper. The machine recognises my card, has the right drivers, but won’t connect to the internet. If you do a “iwconfig” you’ll see the wlan0, but not connected to a network.

Why does the wireless internet works with Ubuntu, and, on the same computer, why is nothing happening with OpenSUSE - while the card is recognised and the drivers are well installed?

In openSUSE you have to add the encryption and stuff like that in Yast → network devices → network settings.

You have to help a wireless interface because Suse won’t let you just join up to any old local network automatically exposed with no encryption :eek:

In openSUSE you have to add the encryption and stuff like that in Yast → network devices → network settings.

When I do this, I get the message ‘Do you want to modprobe ndiswrapper?’ → Yes. The next screen is the Network Settings. I have the RT2561, which is my network card, set on DHCP.
In my panel I have the “grey glode”, for the internet connection, where I go to ‘New Connection’ > wlan0 and then I write down my network - which is linksys. I finish it by clicking the next-buttons, but I have no internet! When I change to Ubuntu I get a high network signal, so my network card or my network signal can’t be the problem.

Yes, I’ve noticed that, and I do NOT agree with that choice!

openSUSE stands alone in this regard. Why? :confused:


I have the exact same wifi card (rev B)
opensuse 10.2 was just as problematic with it ( and I was a complete linux newbie then, rpm what’s that? )
but I recall madwifi doing the trick. don’t remember.

I installed opensuse 11.0 from liveCD since I couldn’t burn a good DVD (had problems every time, and every burn). I was just happy the DVD-writer didn’t crash the system, let alone making a PERFECT copy of the iso. It completed successfully, but media check says nope. Installation certainly didn’t like it during package install, either.

SO I have no software, and I’m not even sure I have opensuse 11.0 considering I installed from the live CD. SOOOO I need my network connection. I tried installing the last madwifi I had downloaded ( for 10.2 ) and yast acts funky with it.
I’ll keep looking. Don’t remember having to load the other one.

There are two revisions a & b I think of these. Which one do you have I wonder. And how far did you get? PLease post the results of these five commands in a console. Maybe use copy/paste to put them here. Become root first (su to root):

  • lspci | grep thernet
  • lspci -n
  • ifconfig
  • iwconfig
  • ndiswrapper -l

That should tell us where you’re at.

okay, I am up and running with dwl g510revb. I installed
madwifi kmp-default 0.9.4_2.6.25.5_2.1
by downloading from Index of /suse/11.0/i586
( in windows boot obviously if I’m downloading )

Although, if I find out what version I’m running of linux (uname -r) its 0.9.4_2.6.25.5_1.1 default not 5_2.1 but that’s okay.

Okay so download to hard drive then (in opensuse) go into terminal (Applications > System > Terminal > Terminal Program), cd(change directory) to directory you downloaded to(ls lists files in a directory) and type
rpm -ivh <filename>
(you can use yast to install, but its already setup with repo’s that it can’t access and so on,so it takes longer to install with yast)

That installs it. then,still in terminal, I edited the blacklist file by typing
vi “etc/modprobe.d/blacklist”
In vi type i to insert text. then on an empty line (preferably the very bottom of the file) type
blacklist ath5k
then press esc :wq to save and quit.

This is necessary for madwifi to take effect over yast’s/opensuse’s ath5k.
Then reboot.
When you start up make sure there is a gray/white globe on the right hand side of the taskbar ( if not Applications > System > Desktop Applet > Network Manager ) right click the globe, make new connection, an ath0 connection, and your available networks should be there. if the menu says eth0,wlan0 something isn’t working with madwifi.
(I typed this for newbies, hope it helps) complete instructions are here Atheros madwifi - openSUSE

Thank you very much! this work perfectly. Really appreciate you taking the time to share this.