Wireless controller wanted. Any advice?


I would like to control my PC (11.3) from across the room with a remote controller.

I don’t want to have to rest on a surface, so I guess it will be motion controlled? Or maybe a TouchPad or TrackBall based?

Further, if it were to be seen as a generic bluetooth mouse, so much the better (no additional software required).

Any advice or pointers would be most welcome.

Regards, Martin

Hmm… For bluetooth the only thing I heard about was using a wiimotion. There are some packages for opensuse, it could connect to the remote but wouldn’t integrate with xbmc plugin, which was my goal.

Truth is I didn’t try all that much, because I’ve been using a cheap tiny usb wireless keyboard/trackball combo that works ok as a remote and can be handled in one hand (if said hand is not small :)). It’s no good for any serious work, as the keys are too small and tend to mix/delay/miss/doubletap it’s signals sometimes.

Thank you for the adavice. Several good points.

Regards, Martin