wireless connectivity in openSUSE 11.1

I have finally been able to get relatively reliable connections with OSS 11.0 with the 3945 card in my Dell e1505 laptop though it is hit and miss - sometimes I have both wired and wireless, sometimes neither and sometimes one or the other, but I can get connected. Right now I have both…

Does anyone have a feel for resolution of the connectivity issues with the new release due out next month? I am hoping that something will come about that will increase my confidence level with respect to reliable internet connections.

Also, I have been wondering about the compat-drivers posts I have seen here. As I am using kernel, I wonder if installing those drivers will resolve this issue.

Near as I can tell, everything else works fine with the exception of 3d for the ati vid card but that is my next task. After my experience upgrading/updating from 10.0 to 10.2, I would prefer to work through the issues I have now unless there are some major improvements, such as wireless support.

Is this the Intel 3945ABG. ?

I have this in my Lenovo. Crumbs, it is brilliant. I get way better signal in Suse than in Vista and it NEVER drops.