Wireless connection problems with knetworkmanager

I am running opensuse 11RC1 with all updates as of last night. The notebook is a hpdv1040 using the ipw2200 firmware.

I am running KDE 4.0.82. The most pressing problem I have is connecting to my wireless network using WEP key.

Sometimes, it connects at first attempt. Sometimes it takes several attempts ( up to 5) and I have to unload and reload the ipw2200 module in between. Am I missing something ?

On the same laptop, in another partition, I have mandriva 2008.1, which has its own applet for network connections, called net-applet ( part of drakx-net package). I always connect on the first attempt and I connect very quickly ( within 5-10 secs most of the time). On suse, even when I connect, it can easily take upto 1/2 minute.

Same h/w, different results.