wireless connection drops after a few minutes

my wireless works at home, connection is stable and knetworkmanager automaticly connects in a few seconds and keeps connection. internet works fine.

at my work the network is not very stable (to many users). knetworkmanager takes a long time to connect and loses connection whitin a few minutes. sometimes a can connect again, but most of the time connection is lost.

this has something to do with knetworkmanager. how can i fix this?

if this is happening with many users it’s more likely to be a network problem. are the users on windows or linux? what security method is it at home and at work? perhaps at work it might well be suspend/resume cycles, and your driver may not support it. you could try getting latest compat drivers and seeing if that works.

but i would say network issue if happening for other users.

all the computers in the network are windows machines and the all experience a slow connection. but the don’t loose connection. my linux computer looses connection and can not connect anymore.

at home i use wpa encryption and at work they use wep.

the drivers are the latest boardcom drivers from the repositories

If I assume that you meant Broadcom drivers, does this mean you are using
ndiswrapper? What version of openSUSE are you using? What repositories?

When you post a problem, please give at least some details of your setup. Your
original posting was the equivalent of my saying “My car makes a funny noise at
80 km/hr” without saying what kind of car I have, what the noise sounds like, or
any other details.