You do have your pass word set in your router, don’t you?
anyway if you do and haven.t started a reinstall try this first
netconfig update -f
check out cat /etc/resolv.conf

Hello Knurpht,

I started a new installation from CD with the network cable connected, and got the usual warning that the
hard-disk would be erased etc. After installation, several updates were loaded, and :slight_smile: the network icon appeared :)!

Unplugging the network cable left me still connected to the network :).

Now question: Does it make sense to define a new user and explicit login to see if that will crash the system (again)? (Please say “no”)

Best Regards,
Jan Christian Anker

Hello dale18846,

as you may have seen, the network and the interface are now up and

And, yes, password and ESSID are in the router. So what you are saying is that openSuSE 11.2 (now) grabs that info and utilizes it?

Anyhow, my confidence in openSuSE (and in this forum) is now greatly increased!

Best regards,
Jan Christian

I was really seeing if you knew if you have to set up your password in the router as well as in the network manager guess you do

as a side note I can’t tell you how many times my wireless has failed and nothing I try gwts it going again untill I look at my routers leds and see it lost the connection to the modem or the modem has lost connection to the internet :open_mouth:

Hello everybody,

I am very grateful for all help and support I have got in this matter.


  • I should have exercised more care when expressing myself (i.e. being more specific)
  • The time delay between submitting a comment and receiving a reply was amazingly short
  • Linux is nothing for somebody who is not willing to learn
  • In Linux, it is a pain to deal with all scripts, cryptic commands, configuration parameters, and strange editors (vi),
    but rather pleasant compared to handle Registry in Windows.

With this, I would like to close this thread:)

Again: Thanks
Jan Christian

Great you got it working now. If it works, don’t fix it. Don’t try to break it. Take your time getting around in linux, the day will come you will trust yourself to experiments like that.

Cheers, and have a whole lot of fun.

Just a note vi is a large learning curve editor but very powerful. For small editing jobs I use joe or nano. joe is there by default you must install nano.