wireless connection can't access websites, etc.

I just installed Opensuse 11.2 dual-booting with Windows 7 on a laptop.

I have the wireless set up and connected, but I can’t seem to be able to connect to any websites or ping Google, etc.

I’m kind of a Linux newbie, so I’d like to get some advise as to what I can check to get it working? (Windows 7 on the same machine is able to connect - I’m using it now)

Edit: Some additional details:

  • I’ve tried both automatic DHCP configuration and also setting the ip/dns server manually, no luck

Hi there , I am also a new bee like u,and the same problem haunted me for a while,by the way I am using acer atom 532h netbook,my computer was able to connect to wireless lan but was not able to connect to WAN,ping to google resulted in host unreachable.Then I went to Yast Control Centre,opened network setting,and disabled user controlled with network manager and chose tradition method with ifup option in global option of the network setting.Then went to overview, selected the wireless card and clicked on edit option, manually entered ESSID and password of the wireless LAN network and rest left to default.Then clicked on OK and Voila…! its started working.By the way I am using Atheros Ar9285 PCI-E wireless network card.
Hope its somewhat useful in solving your problem.

Hello shaan_npl, thanks very much, I can now access the internet from Opensuse, hooray!

However, I now have no network icon in the information widget in the panel. Any idea how I can get that back?

Thanks again!

The disappearing of the networkmanager icon in the system tray is normal. You set networking not to use the networkmanager, but traditional method. So no use to have the networkmanager running. Networking simply starts at boot.
If you want to monitor the networking, you can install “knemo” which provides some network information and settles in the system tray.

If you want your netbook to work outside of the network (ESSID) that you just coded it for, you’ll probably need to switch back to a network manager, kr else it will be tied to the one ESSID. But by all means try out your new config for a while and see how you like it.