wireless connected but cant load a lot of content

i can open google youtube and many other

but when i open opensue webpage and a lot other

relate to it. it said problem loading page ,server not found

i also cant do any update or config of theOS that have to

connect to the internet

plz help me. i have no idea what to do.

(sry my eng sux real bad)

Please write what software (operating system, version, browser, version etc) and hardware are you using and the exact address(es) of the webpage you were trying to load.

Without some more information probably nobody (without a remote program or standing behind you) can even try to help you.

Good luck

umm i use opensuse 11.2 gnome.i load if form software.opensuse.org: Download openSUSE 11.2
it run dual boot with vista on my toshiba laptop.

i cant open all of opensuse web, every one of them ubuntu too

software update,install software and other stuff on control center also dont work

i open it with firefox that come with the OS

i used to run ubuntu on this laptop and it work fine
(at least the internet part)
my vista also work fine
(oh i also try KDE version and it don’t work to)

Had you checked the integrity of the data after or during downloading (checksum e.g. with metalink and DownThemAll! plugin for firefox) and after burning?

You could try to update your (now old) firefox via a terminal (like the GNOME terminal).

I usually work with the graphic Yast Software Manager but I think this article with the paragraph “Installing_packages” may help you:

SDB:Zypper usage - openSUSE
old: Zypper/Usage/11.2 - openSUSE

Maybe an other user know an other hint?

Good Luck

Dear kornigsegg,

First, welcome to these forums.

Then on to your problem. pistazienfresser asked you for some very specific information in post #2 above, but he (and thus we all others) did only get about half of the answers. Please read his questions again and answer them one by one.

Also, can you give us the output of:

/sbin/ifconfig -a


/sbin/route -n


cat /etc/resolv.conf

Do not forget to put CODE tags around the copied/pasted computer text (by slecting the text and clicking the # button in the toolbar).