Wireless configuration user friendliness tips

I finally got wireless working on both my laptops but there are a few things that could have made it easier.

When editing the configuration of the wireless card in YAST, pressing “next” brings you to a window called “Wireless Network Card Configuration”. Under “wireless device settings”, there is a button for “scan network”. When I press this button, nothing shows up in the window, making me think that nothing was found, even if many networks were found. It is not intuitive to press the scroll down arrow. The window should default into the first wireless network so the user knows to scroll down.

Under “authentication mode”, it would be helpful if a brief description was given for the different options (No encryption, WEP-Open, WEP-Shared, etc.) The key input type defaults to passphrase, but in my experience, the hexadecimal option is more common and should possibly be set as the default. And for the box labeled “encryption key” it would clarify things to put “encryption key (router password)” instead.